Radon reduction using - Positive Input Ventilation

A loft mounted Positive Input Ventilation Systems (PIV) will provide the necessary ventilation to your entire house by using filtered air from within the loft space.

The radon levels are reduced by adding positive pressure into the property via a hallway ceiling diffuser.

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  • Perfect for further reducing radon levels below 500 Bq m-3
  • Helps to reduce condensation on bathroom walls and the inside of windows.
  • Benefits Asthma Sufferers by improving air quality in your property.
  • Low Running Costs of approx. £30 per year
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Choosing the right Loft PIV

Standard units

These units use air from in the loft, however, they shut down once the loft temperature reaches 25 °C. This ensures overheating of the loft space during the (occasional!) warmer summer months.

The downside to this is that when the unit is shut down the radon levels increase again.

Some manufacturers have an override switch, often called the ‘radon setting’ allowing the unit to perform as it should in the summer. But the heat can cause a slight ‘lofty’ smell – you know the one we mean!

So our recommendation is you only use this unit in conjunction with a sump, or when radon levels are only high in the winter. Our team can advise you on the best course of action when we survey your property.

External air source units

Our external units are ideal for use when the loft temperature reaches 25 °C. They are able to switch to an external air input – which means the air used is always fresh, filtered and clean because it comes from outside the property.

The huge benefit with this choice is your property will not be heated unnecessarily in the summer months.