Providing Radon Reduction Services for Commercial and Residential Properties in the UK

The common term used for radon reduction is mitigation. There are 4 types of radon mitigation systems, positive input ventilation systems for Lofts or walls Along with external radon sumps both active and passive.


When designing, advising, and installing Radon reduction. A1 Radon is one of the leading experts in the UK. Our dedicated and specialist technicians make all the difference to both your levels of Radon and your peace of mind.

There are various Radon reduction systems available. All of them effective. Our skill lies in knowing which is right for your property design and structure.

Our team have many years of experience and successfully lowering radon levels. Here’s how we can help you:

How To Reduce Radon Gas Levels

Radon Reduction Sump

Radon Sump

This is the most commonly used remedial method across the industry. As it generally has the most positive results and is suitable for reducing radon levels in excess of 2000 Bq m/3

How does it work?

A core hole is drilled through an external wall until the sub base is reached. Then a sump is created, leaving an air pocket in the floor. After this, pipework, in a colour of your choice, is installed along with a specialist radon fan.

The pipework ensures that all radon gases are pulled from under the building and dispersed safely into the atmosphere at a high level.

For more details please visit our Radon Sump System page.

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Basement radon reduction install

Positive Pressure (PIV)

This is another popular method for Radon reduction and is used either as the main system or, when high readings are found, in conjunction with a sump system.

The PIV system is usually advised for use in lofts where the unit pulls air from the surrounding space, heats it where necessary; then pumps it into the property – increasing the pressure in the entire home.

Another popular use for Positive Pressure systems is to mount on a wall. In this scenario the result is the same, but it works by pulling the air from outside the property forcing it through a specialist vent or pipework.

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Radon Reduction Sump

Radon In Basements

Radon is often at its highest in a basement. This is because the radon can enter through the floor slab and the walls below ground level.

Radon mitigation in basements is completed using both Wall PIV and Sump systems.

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Radon Reductionpassive Installation

Passive System & Radon Sump Boxes

This system is installed mostly on new build sites. It’s also suitable where a floor has been removed.

Our expert team will calculate the exact location to install specialist Radon sump boxes within the sub-base. The sump boxes are then connected using pipework and are piped through to the external ground level. The pipework is either left open vented or capped in preparation for a mechanical system at a later date.

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