Reduction reduction using wall mounted positive input ventilation

Wall-mounted Positive Input Ventilation Systems (PIV) are most effective when used in basements and small properties or flats with radon levels of up to 500 Bq m-3

Similar to the Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation Systems they use filtered external air to create a positive pressure in the property.

Wall-mounted PIV Systems are installed at the source of the radon ingress, like in basements. But it’s essential to ensure they are routed to an external air source.

The unit can be mounted in another room or cupboard if necessary, and we use white pipework to take the air to where it needs to be for optimum radon reduction. These points can be discussed and decided at the survey stage of our visit to you

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For more information on how PIV’s can reduce radon levels in your home.

  • Perfect for further reducing radon levels below 500 Bq m-3
  • Helps to reduce condensation on bathroom walls and the inside of windows.
  • Benefits Asthma Sufferers by improving air quality in your property.
  • Low Running Costs of approx. £30 per year
  • Quiet Operation
  • 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty