Can You Detect Radon?

radon detector being analysedSpecialised radon testing is the only way to detect radon gas. Since radon is colourless, odourless, and tasteless, the only way to be sure of radon levels within a property is to use a radon test kit. Each kit contains passive radon detectors, which are small, silent and unintrusive.

The decay of radon forms other radioactive particles, which enter our lungs if inhaled. Inside the lungs, these elements continue to decay and emit radiation, most importantly alpha particles. When the lungs absorb alpha particles, they cause localised damage. This damage can subsequently lead to lung cancer. The radon level in the air we breathe outside is very low however it can be much higher inside buildings.


How many radon detectors do I need for a radon test in my home?

For a standard house, purchasing a radon test with two detectors is recommended, allowing you to place one detector in the main living room and one in a ground floor or first floor bedroom ideally the main bedroom. If you have a larger property or a basement extra detectors can be added to your order so your radon test gives complete coverage of your home.

What type of detectors do I need and how many for my workplace?

Public Health England stipulates 3-month detectors must be used for workplace radon testing. The size and type of building being tested dictate the number of pods required. You can download our document here to help you decide. If you can provide floor plans for the property, we can help advise you on the correct number of detectors required.

Purchase Radon Test Kits

7 or 10 Day Detector Kits

This radon test includes:-

  • A short-term screening detector
  • Return postage direct to the UK lab
  • All lab fees
  • A report with the next steps to take

This radon test offers a good indication if radon is present in the property. Most importantly, these detectors need just 7 days of exposure before you post them off to the lab. They are, therefore, a quick and convenient way of finding out whether radon is likely to be a problem in your property.

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Home Buyer Test Kit

This radon test includes:-

  • 2 x 7-day radon detectors
  • Return postage direct to the UK lab using Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  • 2-week turnaround aim.
  • All Lab fees.
  • Report with next steps to take.

If you select Special Delivery at the checkout, we aim to provide results within 2 weeks of ordering your radon test.

We understand how stressful a house sale can be, so we do all we can to ensure we work with you to test as quickly as possible and advise you and your conveyancer on Radon Bonds where necessary.

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3 Month Radon Test Kit - Domestic or Commercial

This radon test includes:-

  • 2 x 3-month radon detectors
  • Return postage direct to the UK lab.
  • All Lab fees.
  • Report with next steps to take.

This Radon test provides the most reliable results. As a result, Public Health England validates tests for this length of time, since these test results provide a seasonally-adjusted annual average result for Radon in both domestic and commercial tests.

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You can leave all detectors in place for up to 12 months

UK Radon Map

Uk Radon Map

Is my property affected by Radon?

Public Health England has produced an interactive map, showing areas of the UK with high levels of radon. When you use this map, please click on the “show radon data” button and enter your postcode.

This map only offers a risk score of how likely a property is to have high levels of radon. Consequently, the only way to be sure is to purchase our radon test kits, which contain passive radon detectors and check your home or workplace for radon gas.