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A 1 Radon is a leading supplier of Radon Test Kits, that provide fast results and are simple to use. Below are our 3 most popular Radon gas testing kits that we sell in our webshop.

7-Day Home Buyer Radon Test Kit



7-Day Radon Test Kit



3-Month Radon Test Kit


How we help to reduce radon levels

Reducing Radon using Loft PIV

Loft PIV

A loft mounted Positive Input Ventilation Systems (PIV) will provide the necessary ventilation for Radon reduction through your entire house by using filtered air from within the loft space.
Reducing Radon using a mini Sump

Mini Sump

Mini sump systems are installed through the footings of the building to help with radon reduction. A fan is connected to draw the radon out before it enters the building.
Reducing Radon Wall Piv

Wall PIV

Wall-mounted Positive Input Ventilation Systems (PIV) are most effective when used in basements and small properties or flats with radon levels of up to 500 Bq m-3

A 1 Radon gives you answers, reassurance, and total solutions.

If you think the levels of Radon in your property are high and could be affecting your health the first thing you want is a company you can trust to put that right.

Our specialist team works together to provide you with FREE advice in the first instance. Then a combination of consultation, surveys, and products to help reduce Radon levels in your property.

From the beginning to the end of our working relationship with you, you will find the A1Radon Team to be trustworthy, reliable, and professional. And we’re genuinely nice people – or so we’re told!

Everyone wants to be sure they’re safe in their home or workplace. And in some areas of the UK, a little extra reassurance may be needed if you’ve been told levels of Radon are high in your property.

Radon is a radioactive gas that’s released naturally from the ground and can accumulate in buildings. That alone sounds pretty scary, right?

But when you add in the fact that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is found to be responsible for around 1100 lung cancer deaths in the UK every year, you can see why taking prompt action to reduce Radon gas levels if you live in an affected area is essential.

A 1 Radon are here to help you

We can reassure you it is possible to reduce Radon gas levels and it’s easier than you may think if you take the right steps.

First, call us for FREE advice on whether your area is affected by Radon gas and to what degree.

Or if you prefer to research the subject more first, take a look at our FAQ and Resource pages. You should find all the information you need on radon testing and reduction in order to decide on the next steps necessary to reduce your level of risk.

You can either purchase one of our Radon Detector kits. or if you prefer the personal touch and want expert, hands-on advice, contact us to arrange for one of our team to visit and test your Radon levels. You’ll be given honest advice on any action that should be taken next and whether Radon gas reduction is required at your property.

We’re based in central England and with our customers being located in various Radon affected areas throughout the UK, getting to you is easy. If you believe you may be in an area that is affected by Radon, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact us now for FREE advice, to arrange a visit, or click over to our online shop to purchase your Radon Testing Kit.

Why A 1 Radon is different?

Each member of our expert team is committed to delivering a first-class service and all our work complies with guidelines from the UK National Radon Action Plan along with the guidelines advised by Public Health England (PHE) and BRE. So you can be sure you’re in safe, reliable hands.

A 1 Radon is also an active member of the UK Radon Association ensuring all our training and knowledge is up to date. That expertise and level of training in Radon reduction is what sets us apart from others in our industry. Our in-house Radon mitigation technicians and electricians design and provide a bespoke solution for your home and business, so you know you are getting the best solutions for your situation.

Contact us now to discover how we can help you reduce the Radon gas levels in your home.


We had a great service from Martin and his team from start to finish, and afterwards too. Martin was able to advise us on the best type of ventilation unit for our property. The work was carried out quickly and with no mess, both friendly guys. Martin was also able to help us complete our follow up Radon form by contacting the manufacturer for details that weren’t listed in the user manual. I would definitely recommend A1 Radon Limited.

Ruth & James Mac – Radon Reduction System

Detector arrived promptly Results arrived promptly Very smooth operation

Trevor – Radon Gas Test Kit

Your team did a fine job, they were on-site when they said and got on with it, no fuss, job finished same day, left everything tidy and clean. I would certainly recommend A1 Radon to anyone thinking of using this company. David Harvey

David Harvey – Radon Reduction Service

Very good. The detectors are small to not be noticable. The instructions were clear. The self address/ pre-stamped envelope made it easy to send them back. The results were easy to read and understand. We found the whole process very easy and we would recommend.

Anonymous – Radon Detector Sales